About Cartoon Selfie - The Magazine

Dear Visitor, 21st Century Studio Publication LLP is a part of Finar Group and its first initiative into the Publication world. With a robust growth path on current business verticals of Chemical Reagents, Pharmaceuticals, Aqua Culture, Agriculture & IT – the group’s CSR arm "Finar Foundation" is committed to paying back to the society. Several projects are currently active that cater to the needs of Education, Health & Environment and connect to the underprivileged class of the society.

21st Century Publication is aimed to connect with the Young @ Heart. Its first initiative is a unique magazine called Cartoon Selfie. Call it a Satire or a Parody, Black Humour or Sarcasm, a Spoof or travesty – this publication presents a unique & distinct view on the current affairs of our society and sensitize the readers to a greater awakening. Winning hearts of the “Young @ Heart” is the motto and infact the real gain or profit for this venture.

Our Chief Editor – Shri Ashok Adepal is a creative genius and a maestro to reckon with, highly decorated with national laurels. The entire creative team are likeminded individuals from the field of art & media who have come together to win hearts.

Girish Maheshwari

(President – Finar Foundation)